Helping people create financial freedom

The Story About Me and My Newest Chapter

I’ve been writing financial content on my lifestyle blog for years and years. It’s something I’ve always felt passionate about because of my own debt struggles over the years.

Once I had enough content, I decided it deserved it’s own site. That’s the fun of creating new chapters and new websites and I’m just the girl to do it. This is my 3rd of 4 websites – my others are linked up in the footer.

And as for debt and money struggles, I’ve totally been there too. I know exactly what it feels like to have to short pay bills because you don’t have enough money, or to find yourself BROKE the Monday after payday because of an unplanned shopping spree. It’s a yucky feeling and I’ve done it sooooo many times.

BUT, the important thing here is that I’ve learned some tough lessons. And I’ve studied all the financial experts and taken their methods to heart. That’s what I’ve been sharing with my clients all these years. Simple, common-sense strategies that WORK.

I know you work hard for your money, but you need to work just as hard to manage it properly!

But don’t worry, I’m not going to insist that you track every penny like many money gurus do. I can’t ask you to do something I couldn’t possibly do. And those no-spend challenges everyone is so crazy about – I think they sound AWFUL. I’m not doing that either. #skipit

What I do is keep my priorities in mind when I’m thinking about my money situation. I like to travel, and I know if I spend my time perusing Amazon or trolling the aisles in Target, that’s going to shoot down my travel dreams. So, I keep my butt out of the stores the same way an alcoholic keeps out of a bar. It’s a level of temptation I can’t handle.

And honestly, I’d rather EARN more than SPEND less. I’ve been running my own side businesses since my 20’s when I started out as an Avon lady (yep, I’m that #old). Even when I was raising my kids, I still managed a full-time job and usually a side business. So, I’m no stranger to hard work.

I just want to say it’s fixable, if you want it badly enough. I’ve never worked with one person where I just said – you’ll have to just throw in the towel and declare bankruptcy. If you look hard enough – there’s always a way.

What if you could just STOP worrying about money, and have a workable plan that you could stick with?

And hey, maybe it’s FIIIIIIINALLY time to start your own debt-free new chapter!

My background in Corporate life ‚Äč

I had a successful career in the Corporate world for more than 40 years until I “retired” at the relatively young age of 58.

Most of my 9-5 work life was as a Financial Analyst for Wells Fargo. I won a number of performance awards and was ranked in the top 5% of the company. This time of my life taught me the value of constant communication, hard work, and taking ownership of my work.

I’m also a hard-core workaholic with an endless curiosity and a never-ending drive to understand how things work to create continual improvement. I was that way in Corporate too – I literally CAN’T do things in an inefficient way. It just messes with my brain!

Even while I was working my 9-5, I always had some little side hustle simmering on the back burner. I’ve done several MLM’s (like Avon, Pampered Chef, and Stampin’ Up!), sold stuff on eBay for 5 years, done gigs on Fiverr, and taught computer classes and craft classes. And now I’m a full-time freelancer, so let’s talk if you’re thinking to start up some kind of a business.

But mostly, we’re going to talk about debt snowballs, credit scores, and interest rates, and how I’m able to coax a complete story of your financial life out of a little bit of basic data. Sometimes it really helps to have a fresh set of eyes on the picture to help you focus on what IS within your control and what ISN’T.

Plus, I’m a natural-born teacher, so that makes me a great resource to have on your team. I’ve done this for a lot of years with a lot of people, and usually I’m able to make it fun and give you some new ideas you might not have tried before.

Let’s Talk About my Debt-Free Coaching Program

As I mentioned, I’ve been helping folks with their debts for many years, and I’ve refined it down to an art form.

It’s pretty easy – takes about an hour of your time. I don’t need your last name, or account numbers or any sensitive info. I just have a basic questionnaire. Then I put some spreadsheets together and we hop on a Zoom call to explain it all to you.

I’m always happy to answer all your questions and do my best to explain how things work in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

You’ll never need to feel embarrassed. I’m very patient and laid back. No divas here!

Plus I’m a chatty extrovert who makes friends wherever I go. We’ll have FUN together.

My Ideal Client – Hopefully This is YOU!

I’ve worked with a lot of clients over the years, so I’ve discovered the clients I really enjoy working with.

They are passionate, but fun. Creative, and sometimes a little quirky. Many of my clients struggle with ADHD tendencies, and I do too, but mine is the more hyper-focused type.

Every single client has been extremely talented and hard-working. They want so badly to find a way out of the debt nightmare, but they just don’t know how to get started. But I know how and I’m ready to show you.

Fun Facts About Me

I LOVE to Travel

I’m a travel blogger. We’ve been to Mexico, Europe, all over the Caribbean, and we’re eyeballing Canada.
For fun, I like to do crafts, eat Mexican food, and play bunco with my friends.

I’m a 2020 Cancer Survivor

I survived breast cancer in 2020 of all years! But I like to share my story because I had a much better outcome than most, so hit me up if you want to talk.

My spirit animal is a FLAMINGO

I’m a sassy sparkly lady who is probably never going to grow up! I never met a rhinestone I didn’t like and I’ve always got my nails done up in fancy colors and patterns. My sister prefers beige, but I’m the colorful one like our Mom. She had a gypsy spirit!

I love HUGE dogs!

We usually go with St. Bernard’s, but we’ve had Rottweilers, Shepherds, and Labs. My husband would LOVE a Mastiff or a Wolfhound.
I love cats too. I’ve had a cat (or several) since I was 6 years old!

Everything is figure-outable

I’m very optimistic, so I feel there is ALWAYS a way to get where you want to be. You just need to keep trying things until you figure it out.

I love being a #boymom

Raising our 3 sons while working full-time was my biggest accomplishment. I had my youngest late, so if I can survive being 40 with a hyperactive 2-year-old, I can survive ANYTHING!

Moments From My Scrapbook