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Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

You’ve got a good job, and you’re making decent money, but it’s like you’re living a money-sucking vortex. Those last few days before payday? Yeah, they suck. You’re scrounging for quarters in the couch cushions just to put gas in your car. Ain’t nobody got time for that! My debt-free coaching was created just for this situation.

Or maybe you’re on a never-ending rollercoaster with your credit cards. Balances are going up, but the idea of them ever coming down seems like #crazytalk. It’s time to break free from that whole mess.

And let’s talk about the never-ending money wars in relationships. One person’s shopping spree or disorganized money habits are like a wrecking ball when it comes to your hopes and dreams. It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

Now, here’s the kicker: bad credit. It’s like a dark cloud that follows you everywhere. Stressful, right? But here’s the real plot twist: it can mess with your job hunt, chance at a decent apartment, and even your car-buying dreams. That’s a serious deal-breaker!

But hang on, I’m here to be your credit score superhero. We’re talking a bit of elbow grease, but trust me, we can get you back on track.

Let’s kick that financial funk to the curb and make your money work for you. So, no matter if you’re if you’re a fabulous individual or a dynamic duo, let’s have some fun while we whip those finances into shape! 💃💰


Enough with the late payments and those pesky penalty fees – they’re the real party crashers in your financial life! Let’s get those credit cards squared away and your monthly budget under control.

Listen up, because I’m about to drop some truth bombs: having peace in your financial life? That’s like having a treasure chest filled with pure gold.

You’ll sleep like a baby, stress less, and kiss those money-related relationship fights goodbye. Why? Because you’ll have a plan that everyone can rally behind. It’s like a financial harmony that’ll make your heart sing. 🎶💰


This program isn’t just about handing you a magic wand. Debt didn’t fall from the sky overnight, and it isn’t going to magically vanish overnight either. But what we will do is tackle it head-on, and I’ll show you in detail exactly what steps to take each month.

I’ll spill the tea on how to get your partner and family working together. I’ve got tricks up my sleeve to make the debt snowball process a piece of cake, and we’re going to make sure those monthly bills are paid on time, every time. 💃💪💰

Ever found yourself trapped in a cycle of overspending?? Me too! We’ve ALL been there. But I’m here to show you how to break those bad habits and scale back the excessive spending.

Real progress is on the horizon, my friend. It’s going to take a positive attitude and some good old-fashioned hard work, but you’ve got this. I’ve helped countless others make the climb, and I’m absolutely confident that I can help you too!

So if you’re ready to kick debt in the butt and bring some order to your financial chaos, you’re in the right place. Let’s do this, and let’s do it with a whole lot of attitude!


  • You’ll get your very own Dave Ramsey-style debt snowball spreadsheet, tailor-made to your unique financial situation. It’s like a magic wand that reveals how those high interest rates are chomping away at your minimum payments, and it lays out a clear roadmap to get them paid off at warp speed.
  • Ever heard of a zero-based budget spreadsheet? It’s your secret weapon to see all your monthly spending in one neat place and track it like a pro, month after month. Say goodbye to those fast food splurges and “recreational shopping” that wreak havoc on your budget. You won’t want to miss my Ebook to show you 12 ways to stop buying CRAP off Amazon! I think we all need that.
  • But that’s not all! We’ll jump on a Zoom call and hash out everything, answer any burning questions, and craft your complete financial game plan. And I’ll do you one better. We will have an accountability call 60 days later to review your progress – see what’s working and what you might be struggling with. This is a great way to cement your new habits and measure your progress.
  • And to sweeten the deal even more, I’ve whipped up a massive 20 page Guide to Manage Your Budget. It’s bursting at the seams with resources. We’re talking blog posts, podcasts, websites, and apps that’ll make bill paying a breeze and turn budgeting into a walk in the park. It’s all about automating the process and making it as painless as possible!
  • I’ll even offer you a guarantee. If I can’t show you ways to save at least $1,000, I’ll be happy to refund your money. Can’t beat that! Most of my clients save MUCH MORE than that.

Ready to dive into this treasure chest of financial tools and wisdom? Let’s get started to get you on the road to becoming DEBT-FREE today!


Absolutely, it’s time to call in the cavalry! I’ve been around the block, seen every financial train wreck there is, and helped countless folks get back on track over the years. Trust me, I’ve got your back.

Especially if you struggle with issues related to ADHD or other neurodivergency, this solution might be just what you’re looking for. I have ADHD myself and I have a son on the spectrum, so I’ve got some experience in dealing with these challenges.

But here’s the catch: you’ve got to be ready to take that next step. The first move is yours, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s do this! 💪💰


I’ve been a popular finance blogger and debt-free money coach for a lot of years. I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of individuals and couples regain their control of their financial lives. And guess what? I’m here to help you too!

What I love most about doing this work: no matter how many people I deal with, where they are in the world, or where they are in their lives – from fresh out of college clear into their retirement years. Each story is as unique as a fingerprint!

That keeps me interested and motivated to help more folks.

So, lemme spill the tea on who I am. I’m a bit of an anomaly. As you can see, I’m no spring chicken, but I LOVE computers and tech and run an online business with my 75 year old sister! Now, there’s something you don’t hear every day….

But I’m all about breaking the mold and doing things differently. And I’m continually starting new chapters of my life and finding new ways to help people.

I chose financial coaching because I’ve got more than 40 years of financial wizardry under my belt, most notably as a Financial Analyst for Wells Fargo for nearly half my life. I’ve also been a busy side-hustler for many years, so I’ve got tons of innovative ways to help you in your financial journey.

I also tend to be quite the impulse shopper, so I have been in your shoes, and I’ve learned exactly what works and doesn’t work in coping with my own overspending situations!



This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, one-size-fits-all program. This is a completely unique program that I’ve been refining for years. It’s all about the YOU and your family’s unique financial journey.

And here’s the kicker – I don’t know of one single person offering a quick and easy program like this, especially not at this unbeatable price. Seriously – most coaches want to work with you for weeks and they’ll charge you thousands. So, this is a pretty low-risk option at just one hour and $250 bucks to save at least $1,000 guaranteed.

So, the million-dollar question: are you ready to take that leap of faith and give it a whirl? Your financial transformation is just around the corner.

This is for you if….This isn’t for you if…
If you’ve been dealing with excess debt for YEARS. Lots of people think it’s not possible to change, but if I can help these other people, it’s a pretty good guess that I can help you too!If you aren’t willing to make changes and do what it takes to make them stick. It’s very much like Weight Watchers. If you follow the steps, it works, but if you don’t, you can’t expect good results.
You’re TIRED of the fighting and struggles over money with your partner or family members. Money struggles are a leading cause of divorce, but I’ve got lots of tips that can really help!
You’re stubborn and don’t want to change. This is going to require a flexible attitude and a new way of looking at your spending. I’m not going to judge you or criticize you, but I WILL ask tough questions and be honest with you.
You are committed to the process and are READY to make some big changes! You can’t do this just because someone is nagging you. You have to WANT THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING, or it probably won’t work.Dave Ramsey says that you can’t get OUT of debt by living the same lifestyle that got you into it. It’s painful to look at your financial picture in black & white, but it’s necessary to make progress.


Let’s face the facts: you’re probably here because you need a helping hand with your money situation.

If you’re not ready to take that step, then what’s the alternative? If you haven’t gotten a handle on your finances by now, it’s time to take a deep breath, embrace the opportunity, and let’s dive headfirst into this journey together!

If you’re still unsure, or if you’ve got questions, let’s talk. Hop over to my Contact page and you can either send me an Email with your questions, or we can set up a quick consultation on Zoom.


Nope. Absolutely not. You don’t even have to tell me your real name. I gather some basic info in my questionnaire and that’s all the info I need.

No, I would never do that. My goal is to help you get OUT of debt, not try to sell you more coaching or services. One follow-up session is included with your purchase, and you are welcome to book additional sessions if you need more support, but I’m not looking to hook you into some high ticket package.

I often work with couples and both of you are welcome to join the call. There will be a spot on the call booking form to add a guest.

No, I’m not a licensed professional, nor am I a CPA. I’m offering helpful advice, but if in doubt, it is always a smart idea to contact your own financial professional or CPA. I have been doing this for many years and have helped hundreds of people, but I want to be clear that this is not professional advice.