Let’s have a chat about your debt!

Hey there, if you’re drowning in the deep waters of debt, how about we set up a quick coffee chat over Zoom? I’ve got a ton of experience in both personal and business-related debt, and I’ve got a treasure trove of spreadsheets and resources to share with you.

Need help figuring out a side hustle to get back on track? Well, I’m the reigning queen of side hustles, having dabbled in quite a few over the years.

And, in case you haven’t guessed, I’m a bit of a chatterbox – a chatty extrovert who loves nothing more than connecting with people. But here’s the deal, I’m not here to pressure you into anything. That’s just not my style.

Sure, I’ve got products and services to offer, and I’m proudly a for-profit entity. But pushy sales tactics? Nah, not my jam. I’m here to help, to chat, and to make your financial journey as smooth as your favorite latte. ☕💰

And I’ve got a free gift for you – a full-color financial planner ($37 value) for completing a call with me.