My Holiday Special Offer

I want to help you get through the holidays and start off 2024 in good shape

I know it’s easy to get out of control with holiday spending. The Emails and the colorful flyers can tempt you to get way out of control. That’s what I want to help you fight against with my debt-free coaching.

Believe me, I get it. I LOVE to buy gifts for my loved ones and splurge on the holidays, and it got out of control quickly!

Happily, I’ve learned my lesson and now plan my holiday spending very carefully. I decided I don’t choose to be manipulated by marketers any more.

That’s what I’d like to teach you in our debt-free coaching session. How to keep a clear head and decide what you NEED to buy instead of what you WANT to buy.

To make it easier to say yes, I’ve lowered the price by 10% and added some special time-limited bonus items. This offer will be open until January 7th.

Timing is everything because this is the start of the holiday shopping season and if you wait until after the holidays, you could be an extra thousand (or two!) in debt.

But if you get started now, you will be able to make more sensible choices with your gift buying and not put it all on a credit card. Because I’m going to teach you other ways to manage your spending. This offer is just for you and it’s only one click away. That’s it!

Now scroll down to learn more about the holiday special I’ve got in mind for you!

I’ve taken something that was already a great deal and made it even BETTER!

I’m throwing in my printable money tracker ($37 value for FREE). Because A) It’s GORGEOUS and B) It’s super helpful for your debt-free journey and C) I want to give you every possible chance to succeed with your finances, and this WORKS.

This is a great way to track your income, savings, bills, investments – just about everything you can possibly track regarding your money. I’ve sold a ton of these over the years.

PLUS a holiday planner to help manage your holiday spending

I’ve create a guide that will help you get your holiday spending under control. Not just for gifts, but for parties, special dinners, decorating, the whole enchilada. And I’ve got a cool tip to help you never run up holiday debt in the years to come.

In addition to these special holiday bonuses, I’m giving you 10% off until January 7th to start off your New Year’s with less debt.

Plus you get all the wonderful goodness that comes in my regular debt-free coaching package – also known as the No BS Financial Freedom Framework (catchy, huh?). I’ve got some rocking spreadsheets that will help me create a whole story around your debt

Then we hop on a Zoom call to strategize ways to get your debt paid off while handing over the absolute minimum of interest to Mr. Fat Cat Banker (he’s not my favorite guy!).

I’ve also got some amazing resources to save you money on grocery shopping, spending for college, and even shopping on Amazon! These resources have helped hundreds of clients get their monthly budget under control and I’m sure they’ll help you too.

My guarantee – If I can’t help you find at least $1,000 worth of savings, I’ll give you a full refund! Most people can save much more than that with a few simple tweaks.

Normally this package is priced at $149, but with your discount code of Holiday2023, you’ll get almost a $15 discount plus the extra holiday bonus options.